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Press Release

The invading Turkish army continues to commit war crimes by using phosphorus-enriched shells.

The details of the attacks are as follows;

1. The attacks carried out by the invading Turkish army with prohibited weapons;

– On March 10, our resistance positions in Sîda were bombed 7 times with phosphorus-enriched shells fired from tanks.

2. The attacks carried out by the invading Turkish army;

– On 9 and 10 March, the Gundê Kanîsarkê area of Garê and the Girê Çarçêl area of Metîna were bombed 4 times with warplanes.

– On March 10, the Girê Cûdî Resistance area and our resistance positions in Çemço and Sîda were bombed 19 times with attack helicopters, howitzers, tanks and heavy weapons.


March 11, 2023

HPG Press Centre