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Comrade Yücel joins the ranks of the guerrilla from the Amed County in 1999. After a short period of time, he goes to the Soran area due to the withdrawal of the guerrilla to the south. After the Martyr Ayhan camp, he joins the year 2000 southern war to break the siege of the PUK peshmergas.

After this, he prepares to go to the north by receiving military training in the battalions of the western front of Qandil. With the campaign of June 1, he is tasked to the Zap and then to the Dersim County. Comrade Yücel develops himself quite a lot in technical matters as he is an electrician in civilian life. He takes on a lot of effort in order to meet this need of the guerrilla in the county of Dersim. The comrades which knew him speak about his bag which is likened to a tool shop when talking of him. He asserts all his concentration on this, virtually a candidate for modern guerrillaism. He focuses on new tactics to make the guerrilla advanced in order to break the technical superiority of the enemy. He is always prepared and programmed on this subject. When he receives results from it, his morale rises and he joins in life more actively. With insistence and patience, he struggles day and night to obtain results with these methods. These methods are not only based on the weapon technique, but also on the principle with classic term that the guerrilla is creative. Those who knew him talk of how he spent about ten days trying to make a satellite dish from a pot cover… he is a sharer in life. Because he was raised by his sisters in civilian life, he is more eager to share life with women comrades. There are constantly female comrades in his team. He also tries to train them on technical issues which he specializes in. They carry out actions joined by women comrades. He was constantly enthusiastic and full of morale. The best way to describe this period of life will be with the following poem he wrote.


I wander around in hybrid nights

I don’t ever think broodily

I roam in the dark

Even if I stop at times

The curled pathway won’t leave me

My life is different

Next to the mountains all the way


My name is guerrilla

Even if betrayal dreams all of me

Even if lessons fill up my days

No disease can scare me

Glory, fame is no interest to me

Every part of me is nobility

One part of me is courage

Captivity can never overwhelm this.

The instincts of comrade Yücel are strong. Poetry makes him instinctual against life as well. Comrades who spoke of him said that he knew that something was going to happen before his martyrdom… He is very tired as he has returned from duty. They are forced to change their point after receiving the news that the enemy is out on operation. He says that he feels that the place which is to be passed over is dangerous. But life and poetry can no doubt be the same things. Passing over from there could save life as well as taking life. It could’ve been passed over early and measures against the enemy could’ve been taken. If stayed, it is on the same ratio as the danger of being late. Comrade Yücel had to even decide for this. The decision he takes against his feelings deceits him. While trying to pass over the strait, either due to the danger or the responsibility of his feelings, he comes ahead. Comrade Yücel is shot and martyred in the first fire of the enemy ambush at the strait. Just as how the link between the truth and feelings deceits one in life, it sometimes deceits or justifies the guerrilla in the midst of the hot fire. The right decision in this test where the price is their lives is sometimes difficult. Comrade Yücel knows this law of war and makes the decision himself. This side of life is also a form of war in the guerrilla. Sometimes you and sometimes your enemy lives this. Perhaps that’s the hardest rule to change in war.



Nom de Guerre: YÜCEL

Date and Place of Martyrdom: CENTRAL DERSIM-ÇİÇEKLİ / 2007


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