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The best place to succeed is the road and the road passes through the mountains. The mountains are not dead yet. The conditions of the mountain are more suitable for the struggle despite all their difficulties. When one ascends the mountain, the person looks down from the hill and does not underestimate others. On the contrary, it first looks at mountains and then oneself from the mountains. One better notices how small one is, how much one removed from nature, and how low one is pushed. The reason for this is undoubtedly both the consciousness that is gained and the stance of nature. Air, soil, sound, colours, vitality, cold and warm, night and day ... Everything is the inspiration to encourage people to re-shape. This is also an important reason why we have to become resistance from the top to bottom after coming to these mountains, even with our weak states. And when you look at yourself in the glory of the human mountain, you want to say, "I will never allow my heart to become a cemetery." Stones, rocks, birds, insects, grass, air, soil, everything makes people say like this.

Now we should see this too. Who is telling us this? Leader APO is the soul of the PKK. If it was not that great struggle, that great soul, could we be able to say this meaningfully? Could the mountains be given so meaning? Or did we spontaneously, with absence, reach this, were there not the ones who deceived themselves? They could not keep themselves from falling into the worst situation. For they have not done justice to the mountains. They wanted to despise all the values and curse them. They fell into a damned situation.

To be on the mountain, to go from mountain to mountain, to be blessed in the mountains, we have to be conscious of it. It is important to realise the meaning of our role, our place, our history, our culture in terms of our spiritual value, not just in the physicality of the mountain.

We need not to deny it. The mountains were rebuilt with great struggle and a very heavy price. If the PKK says "I created these mountains," this is not wrong. Is it not the PKK, who is fighting, whose mountains are being perceived to be primitive places without its name being felt, and turned them into places of resistance, struggle, enlightenment, liberation? Who can deny?

It is neither incredible nor impressive, but a fact to access the the self-sacrificer, the guiding light and the sanctuary in the cave manhood of the society's disgrace, the trouble-maker, but it is the truth. This, of course, did not take place spontaneously and easily, but in incredible difficulties, in unbearable harshness, in great labour, in response to so many lives-blood. There is no position, no rock left unbloodied, with almost no parts left, almost every piece of land possibly filled with a few resistance. This level was obtained by being inside weapons, bombs thought, word, pen, song, digging and shovelling, hunger, coldness, left in wounds and much more. Holiness is here, glory is here, beauty is here, faith is here, joy, excitement. Life is greening here. And wave flows all over my country.

And May six comes,

I become sea

I am turned back in Gemerek and hanged in Ankara

I become Mahir and shot in Kızıldere ten times

I become Ibrahim and executed in torture

I become Karasungur and Bilgin to fall to the ground with the bullet of betrayal in Qandil

I become Ferhat and turn into a fire ball in Amed prison

Haki in Antep,

I become Çavgun in Urfa and blossom flowers, seeding

And with many others we come arm to arm in govend

We become the revenge oath in the freedom language and are drinked.

Soza we sonda me ye!

His fellow fighters

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